Baggie's Free-Range Pork Chops (600-700g)

Baggie's Free-Range Pork Chops (600-700g)

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Baggie's Free-Range Pork Chops (600-700g)

Baggie's Pork Chops are supreme quality, coming from a single carbon-neutral farm. The pigs are free-range and raised in a high welfare and stress free environment.
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Baggie's Free-Range Pork Chops come from a high welfare farm in Australia. The pigs are certified free-range (APIQ) and free to forage on open pasture, providing them with a natural, balanced diet, and giving us the most delicious pork we have ever tasted.

Borrowdale pork in 100% Carbon Neutral, which means that there is compensation for everything Borrowdale does that produces carbon emissions. Whatever we do between farming and delivering finished products is now compensated by something else that absorbs the same amount of carbon or more.

We get our pork delivered fresh and then prepare, pack and freeze, so that you get the freshest possible product when we deliver.

Our Pork Chops are portioned between 600g and 700g, in two large thick cut pieces.

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