Baggie's Biltong Powder

Baggie's Biltong Powder

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Baggie's Biltong Sticks

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Baggie's Biltong Powder

Baggie's Biltong Powder is a finely ground form of traditional biltong, and is a great ingredient for special recipes such as pates. It is also amazing as a topping on salads or pizza!
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Baggie's Biltong is a traditional South African cured meat produced right here in Singapore. We use Australian Grass-fed Halal Beef Steak and marinade in biltong spices, comprising coriander, pepper and salt.

We finely grind and allowed to dry further, repeating the process until we get the biltong powder that is great for your special recipes!

We make our Biltong in our Singapore butchery and deli shop. We marinade our meat and then hang it to dry for a number of days in our custom built meat curing chamber until it reaches the optimum level of dryness and flavour. Our shop is located in the Fortune Centre on Middle Road which is a short walk from Bugis and Bencoolen MRT stations. Feel free to drop by and see how it is all done.

Ingredients (est. per 500g)
Dried grass-fed Beef: 490g (98%)
Biltong spice mix 10g (2%)

Spice mix contains:
Coriander seeds and powder
Gluten: Yes
Dairy: No
Salt: Yes
Nitrates: No
Sugar: Yes
MSG: Yes

Note: While our Biltong is not Halal certified, all the ingredients that are used to make the product are Halal.

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Your cured meat should be stored in the refrigerator in a breathable container, such as the paper bag it comes in, and kept away from any excess moisture. If you happen to have a wine chiller at home, that would be even better for storage as the temperature is not quite so cold and so would slow the drying process slightly.

For guaranteed freshness you should store as directed and consume within one week of receipt.

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