Baggie's Grass fed Beef Rump Steak

As low as $12.00

Baggie's Rump Steak is made from grass-fed Australian beef. The beef originates from Western Australia, and is a 2018 Gold Award winner. Due to being grass-fed it means there are a lot more vitamins and nutrients in this meat. We can also confirm this beef is antibiotic free!

We procure the best fresh meat for you, and then freeze it so we always have stock ready for your order. Our Rump steak is sold in 300g and 500g sizes.

Your rump steak should be frozen until required, or stored in the refrigerator in in its original packaging and consumed within 3 days of defrost for guaranteed quality and freshness. 

Special requests
If you have any special requests for your order please wait for your order confirmation email and reply directly to that to make the request. If you have any requests ahead of ordering then feel free to send us a message at
We will always do our best to accommodate any special requests that you have.

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