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About us

Baggie's was born in 2017, shortly after my boyfriend Mark and I moved to Singapore from London. Whilst enjoying Singapore we had already realised that almost all produce is imported from far away lands, which meant they were incredibly expensive and often the quality just wasn't there.

This was particularly true for Biltong one of our absolute favourite things to eat. Biltong being a cured meat product really needed to be produced fresh. So we decided to have a go ourselves. Our first batch was made and it was delicious. We made a few more batches and shared those with friends and the feedback was fantastic. From there somehow we took the plunge and set up shop, literally!

We now have a store in Bugis with an amazing local team where we produce cured meats in our custom built meat curing chamber and we sell our products in store, online via our website and through Redmart. We have expanded our biltong to produce many other cured meats as well as quality fresh meat products.

It was our passion for making something exceptional that we enjoyed that got us to where we are now, and it's what keeps us going today. We aim to always create the best quality produce, at good honest prices, whilst delighting our customers and caring for the environment.

We started out using 100% paper packaging and as our product range has grown we have made sure to source biodegradable packaging wherever possible. On top of this we use minimal packaging always, so you will never find an order from us with packaging that was not absolutely necessary to get it delivered to you in top condition.

Our meat production has been set up in such a way that we ensure zero wastage on all our food produce. We do this by ordering in meats from our suppliers and producing our produce fresh on the day of delivery. We then pack and freeze these, ensuring zero waste, whilst making sure that our customers receive the freshest product possible when delivered.

We're at the beginning of our journey with so much still to do. We are excited for our growth and improvement in all the areas that matter to us most. If you have any feedback or ideas for what we should be doing, or how we could be better then we would love to hear from you. Send us an email at sales@baggiesbiltong.com.

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